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20 min.



Laura and Carlos have an appointment. It begins as a pleasant encounter, it ends when Carlos sexually abuses Laura. Unable to assume what happened, she finds herself in a constant confrontation with her mother, friends and teachers, which leads to more violence. In silence she faces the misunderstanding of her surroundings.

Direction: Ana Lambarri
Production: Ana Lambarri, Diego J. Fernández, David Casas, Héctor Bobo, Carlos Guerrero
Cast: Alba Planas, Gonzalo Hermoso, Sonia Almarcha, Claudia Roset, Jana Quiles, Susana Marroig Manolo Flórez, Javi Laorden, Jordi Rubio
Script: Ana Lambarri
Cinematography: Carlos de Miguel
Art direction: Victoria Paz Álvarez
Edition: Juanma Gamazo
Sound: Alfonso Sanz
Music: Alberto Malalengua
Language: Español
Autonomous Region: catalunya, madrid, euskadi
Location: Comunidad de Madrid
Country: España
Production year: 2020
Genre: Ficción
Duration: 20 min.
Age: +12
Status: Finalizado


Ana Lambarri

Bilbao. She studied Fine Arts at the UPV and studied film at the Institute of Cinema of Madrid. Since 2010 she has directed several short films: Domingo por la tarde, So sweet, Birthday. In 2019 the trilogy 16, 26, 36 begins. She directs in 2019 16 and in 2020 26. In 2021 the trilogy culminates with the production of 36. In parallel, she develops her career as a Casting Director. She is currently preparing her debut feature Todo lo que no sé.




Semana del Cortometraje de la Comunidad de Madrid (España). Premio Madrid en Corto

Cortogenia (España). Mejor Fotografía / Mejor Vestuario

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