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16 min.

Apología del extrarradio

Suburbs Apology

Two friends meet one more night on the roof of 29. Life passes them by while they discuss the neighborhood, friendship, the passage of time and betrayal.

Direction: Raúl Monge
Production: Raúl Monge
Cast: Guillem Balart, Laszlo Petit, Pablo Generoso, Rodrigo Benito, Nieves Lin, Alex Serna
Script: Raúl Monge
Cinematography: Guto Moura
Art direction: Daniel Mateo
Edition: Sergio Rozas
Sound: Carlos Pájaro, Fede Pájaro
Music: Sarko
Language: Español
Subtitles: Inglés
Autonomous Region: madrid
Location: Comunidad de Madrid
Country: España
Production year: 2022
Genre: Ficción
Duration: 16 min.
Age: No selected
Status: Finalizado


Raúl Monge

After working in advertising making storyboards and advertising illustration, he joined the world of cinema with El Laberinto del Pan by Guillermo del Toro. There he develops as a concept artist for sets and props under the direction of Eugenio Caballero (Oscar 2006). He also does the storyboard with Guillermo del Toro with whom he will repeat the experience in Hellboy II or Pacific Rim. Among others, he has collaborated on film projects with Mateo Gil, Jim Jarmusch, Sebastián Cordero and Eugenio Mira.

Outside of cinema, he also develops jobs as an advertising director, projects as a graphic designer, animation supervision and artistic direction.

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