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14 min.

Before I die

Before I die

In a small island of Lake Victoria, Kenya, fishermen believe that they are entitled to everything. Meanwhile, women and girls are forced to carry the weight of their silence. In a close journey through her childhood memories, a young woman decides to tell her story to lighten her burden and find hope…

Direction: Iker Esteibarlanda
Production: Iñigo Ruiz Aquerreta
Cast: Selva Barón, Maite Itoiz
Script: Iker Esteibarlanda , Nazareth Torres Molina
Cinematography: Iker Esteibarlanda
Edition: Iker Esteibarlanda
Sound: Danel Ciaurriz Etxegoien
Music: Mikel Salas
Language: Swahili, Inglés
Subtitles: Español, Inglés, Francés, Italiano, Euskera
Autonomous Region: navarra
Location: Kenia
Country: España
Production year: 2020
Genre: Documental
Duration: 14 min.
Age: +12
Status: Finalizado


Iker Esteibarlanda

1992. Works as a filmmaker, screenwriter and editor. He premiered his first short film entitled Beneath the trees in 2014 and he was the youngest director in the Official Section of the 15th Lanzarote Film Festival. From that time on, he has developed his career as a documentary filmmaker and producing corporate videos, always revolving around telling human stories. Before I die (2020) is his second short film.


Arequipa Festival Audiovisual y Cine (Perú). Mejor Cortometraje Documental Internacional



POY Latam (EE.UU). Mejor Mini-Doc

Festival de Cine de Madrid FCM-PNR (España). Áccesit Goya a Corto Documental / Mejor Fotografía

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Selected Films Distribution


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