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19 min.

La hoguera

The bonfire

Between the documentary and the fiction, La hoguera is a portrait about life in the neighborhood and its people. It tells the family situation of Lionel, a close friend of the director and who, in one way or another, seems destined for loneliness.

Direction: Carlos Saiz
Production: Nacho Pérez de Guzmán, Eduardo Borrego Muñoz
Cast: Lionel Corral, Lionel Guy Emile, Dionisio Yáñez, Alicia Corral, Eulalia Romero
Script: Carlos Saiz
Cinematography: Jonathan Alván Prado
Art direction: Siggy Martínez
Edition: Carlos Saiz
Sound: Eduardo Rosa
Music: Carlos Maestre
Language: Español
Autonomous Region: madrid, murcia
Location: Región de Murcia
Country: España
Production year: 2020
Duration: 19 min.
Age: +7
Status: Finalizado


Carlos Saiz

Murcia, 1991. He grew up between his father's comics and 3D Movie Maker. At the age of fifteen, he began to film his first pieces, in which he was already interested in portraying his closest universe. After residing in London for a season in which he experimented with different facets of cinematographic art, he returned to his city to shoot the music video Islamabad for Los Planetas, a self-portrait with which he obtained a scholarship to study the master's degree in Film Directing and Filmmaking at the EFTI school. During the master's degree he continues to develop his style and directs Fandango and Stoickhov, two pieces focused on manners that have been exhibited in different rooms such as Matadero or La Filmoteca Regional de Murcia. La hoguera can be considered his first work and it is his final master's project.


CreaMurcia – Certamen Creación Artística (España). Primer Premio

ABYCINE – Festival de Cine de Albacete (España). Mención Especial

IBAFF – Festival de Cine de Murcia (España). Mención Especial



Festival de Cine de Sant Joan d’Alacant (España). Ficus de Plata Universidad Miguel Hernández

Filmserè – International Short Film Festival of La Florida (España). Premio al Mejor Actor : Lionel J. Corral


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