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17 min.

Sushi Paella

Sushi Paella

Paco y Juani manage a restaurant with a great history and very well valued, though it does not generate many benefits.

Direction: Jaume Bayarri
Production: Fran Moral
Cast: María Maroto, Rafa Segura, María Fuster, Paco Alegre
Script: Jaume Bayarri, Fran Moral
Cinematography: Toni Català
Art direction: Natalia Bas
Edition: Joan Marc Romero
Sound: Pablo García
Music: Sarah Rope, Pau Cháfer
Animation: Joan Marc Romero
Language: Valenciano
Subtitles: Español, Inglés
Autonomous Region: valencia
Location: Comunitat Valenciana
Country: España
Production year: 2019
Genre: Ficción
Duration: 17 min.
Age: Todos los públicos
Status: Finalizado


Jaume Bayarri

Alboraia (Valencia), 1956. Graduated in History of Art from the University of Valencia in 2002. He began his professional and professional career in 1980 as a camera operator and director in Video Uno, a company dedicated to institutional, advertising and industrial production in support Of video. In 1987 he left Video Uno and worked as a free-lance professional for various companies in the sector - nationally and internationally, specifically in the United States, Great Britain and Ireland. In 1989 he joined the staff of the Valencian regional television for the launch of Channel 9, mainly performing the task of equipment operator. He has directed short films such as Bloody Maruja (1999), Bañeras (2001), Trafico en hora punta (2005), Faltas leves (2006), El somni de la seua vida (2017) or Sushi paella (2019)


Quartmetratges (España). Premio al Mejor Corto Valenciano

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Paella Productions


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