18 min.

Una bala en Kuiper

One Bullet on Kuiper

In a distant Planetoid called Haumea, four individuals are playing Russian Roullette. One of them is already dead and there is a suitcase containing a mystery material... Consequences of playing this risky game will be deadly and nothing is that seems to be at first.

Direction: Jorge Aguirre Pérez
Production: Jorge Aguirre Pérez, Javier Cortés Larrinzar
Cast: Javier Cortés, Estela Celdrán, Joseba Gómez, Joana González
Script: Jorge Aguirre Pérez, Javier Cortés Larrinzar
Cinematography: Carlos Mezo
Art direction: Jorge Aguirre Pérez
Edition: Jorge Aguirre Pérez
Sound: Angela Mintegi
Music: Angela Mintegi
Animation: Jorge Aguirre Pérez
Language: Español
Subtitles: Inglés
Autonomous Region: euskadi
Location: País Vasco
Country: España
Production year: 2016
Genre: Ficción
Duration: 18 min.
Age: No selected
Status: Finalizado


Jorge Aguirre Pérez

Jorge Aguirre

Jorge started studying movie making at film and t.v. school in Deusto (Bilbao), after this is accepted by Dick Smith as his student and started learning his Advanced Professional Course, specializing as make-up and effects creator. Since aproximately 2001 Jorge works in film productions as special effects technician and make-up effects artist. He is responsible of two shortfilms as director to date: Una bala en Kuiper and Saturniano, el extraño visitante.

Production company

Galerna Films


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