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Bande à part

Carrer de París, 143
- Barcelona

We are a Specialized School in Cinema with experience and prestige recognized by companies, professionals and Institutions of the cinematographic sector. At BàP we offer you Own Qualifications for a comprehensive training as a filmmaker. We are experiencing a rebirth of the methodologies of the work of the Cinema, which today is applied to the creation of films, television series, video games, etc.

We make students active subjects in their educational process and collaborate so that they discover their qualities and how they can use them in key positions in filmmaking. The people who study with us seek comprehensive and vital training to become filmmakers with a future in the world of work.

We provide professional work methodologies for the student to learn in a practical way the different trades of Cinema. We transfer an ethical frame of reference fostering positive and respectful attitudes, practicing communication, creative problem solving and the positive leadership necessary in professional teams.

At BàP we are very demanding with our teachers, more than 100 each year, who alternate teaching with professional practice and research, and offer you training that is constantly updated and adapted to changes in the sector. In addition, Directors, Directors of Photography, Actresses, Screenwriters, etc. They pass through our classrooms in free MASTERCLASS and SEMINARS for our students.

At BàP we have cameras, electrical equipment, computers and programs, which are constantly being renewed and constantly maintained. All the necessary material for the follow-up of the program, the filming, the assembly and the sound of your projects is included in the price of the course.