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CEV – Escuela Superior de Comunicación, Imagen y Sonido

Gaztambide, 65
- Madrid

CEV was born in 1975 and since then it has progressively expanded its scope of action based on technological evolution and the needs of the professional photography and film sector to cover all the specialties of Image and Sound, including 3D Animation and Videogames, Design Graphic, Apps or web programming.

CEV has a very defined objective: to adapt the study programs to the real needs of each profession in the audiovisual sector. We are pioneers in Europe by promoting a methodology focused on small groups and practical and experimental approaches.

CEV's teaching staff is made up of active professionals. More than three generations of professionals, among teachers and students who have managed to stand out in the audiovisual sector, endorse our trajectory. Photographers, designers, sound technicians, filmmakers, operators, confirm CEV as a guarantee to professionalize in the sector.


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