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Factoría del Guion

Plaza de Santa Ana, 6, 4º
- Madrid

The Guion Factory was created in 2006 to fill the gap in the specific training of scriptwriters and their professional development. The excellent staff of teachers, the level acquired by the students and the great production of scripts have made the Factoría del Guion one of the most recognized centers of the audiovisual medium in Spain.

Our goal is for participants to learn by writing.

Our most complete training is the Master of Film and TV Script, which lasts one year. The subjects that make up its refined study plan allow combining a solid theoretical base with a mainly practical methodology.

The students find in the Factory, in addition to personal treatment, an environment of creation, work, and reflection, which helps them incorporate technique and stimulate permanent writing, which makes their professional integration possible. This is how many series and TV shows, movies (fiction and documentary) and short films are scripted, and they get many award-winning works.

We also offer a wide range of autonomous Courses and Seminars, some short, adapting to the needs of an international audiovisual market in constant evolution: Production and Management of Film and TV Projects, Film Direction, New Audiovisual Narratives, Script of Series Formats of Tv, Interpretation and Direction of Actors, Comedy Script, Creation Documentary Script, etc.


Beca de estudios para el guionista novel más destacado