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Instituto del Cine Madrid

All our teachers share a double condition: they have experience in teaching Film and TV and, in addition, they are active professionals in the industry. This double condition favors an updated, agile, participatory and, ultimately, higher quality teaching.

The Institute has its own equipment for cameras, lighting, sound, assembly and post-production for the continuous practices that take place in our facilities.

The facilities resemble both a film production center and a teaching center. We have:

2 professional filming sets (90 and 260 m2) both 6 meters high, with vehicle entrance and height-adjustable lighting trusts. The largest has chroma and cyclorama.

1 set for small format productions (50 m2), rehearsals, casting and for training actors.

8 assembly and post-production booths.

1 Interpretation Classroom (90 m2) with dance platform and changing rooms.

1 Voice Classroom.

1 voice-over and dubbing booth.

6 classrooms equipped with image / data projector, screen and audio installation.

Coffee shop.

This year we celebrate a new edition of the Madrid Film Institute's internal short film festival, MAD FEST.


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