Junta de Castilla y León – Consejería de Turismo y Cultura

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Cinema and audiovisual arts are one of the most outstanding cultural sectors in our territory, since Castilla y León has renowned directors of international renown and highly talented professionals. In addition, the productions are of high quality and there are new audiences to direct the offer, which is a strength for the sector. For this reason, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is very interested in promoting activities related to the audiovisual sector and developing projects that promote the training of future professionals in this sector, support for competitions and exhibitions in this area, as well as the organization of festivals that allow the work of young people in our community, and even other communities, to be known, rewarding their effort with the delivery of various awards and encouraging them to continue working./ppIn this sense, the Quercus: Castilla y León Short Film Project has been developed, the main objective of which is to promote and distribute the short films from Castilla y León./ppOn the other hand, the Castilla y León Film Commission is a service that provides audiovisual producers with all the necessary information (logistics, artistic, professional, etc.) to facilitate the filming carried out in our Community./p/p


Subvenciones para Financiar la Preproducción, Producción y Distribución de Largometrajes, Cortometrajes Documentales y de Ficción y Pilotos de Series de Animación y de Televisión