Laboral Cinemateca

Luis Moya Blanco, 261
- Asturias

Laboral Cinemateca is a versatile, open space of Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura dedicated exclusively to the cinema.

Laboral Cinemateca intends to foster the knowledge of cinematographic art in its cultural, geographical and historical dimension and in all its facets and genres, through approaching it and diffusing its works through film projection programmes, seminars, educational activities and other special initiatives.

Moreover, no less important is the fact that Laboral Cinemateca also constitutes a public service for the Asturian, creative, cinematographic and audio-visual sector through the Asturias Paraíso Natural Film Commission, Cinemateca distributor and Cinemateca short films.

Among the main objectives of Laboral Cinemateca are the following:

Programming of projections, cycles, activities, seminars and lectures in order to educate in cinematographic art and diffuse this with cultural strategy criteria at the service of all the Asturian society.
The attraction of new audiences which may have an interest in cinematographic and audio-visual culture.
Collaboration with other institutions and administrations in all the extension of Asturias for the joint organisation of cinematographic programming.
Support for the creation of feature films and short films made in Asturias as well as their diffusion and promotion in markets and festivals.
The distribution of films made by creators from Asturias or resident in Asturias.
The promotion of Asturias as a scenario for filming.
The search for locations, logistic support and management of permits for filming.
Link with professional companies of the audio-visual sector.
Laboral Cinemateca is fostered by the Autonomous Community Department of Culture through the Public Company for Touristic Management and Promotion of the Principality of Asturias (Sociedad Pública de Gestión y Promoción Turística y Cultural del Principado de Asturias).


Programa de Patrocinios de Laboral Cinemateca para Proyectos Cinematográficos