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LAV – Laboratorio Audiovisual de Creación y Práctica Contemporánea

C. de Bustamante, 23, 1
- Madrid

The LAV School is a space to think about cinema. A laboratory for the creation of new forms and investigation of contemporary audiovisual language.

LAV is meant to be a bridge between experimental cinema and the audiovisual of contemporary art. Between the experimental cinema of festivals and the installed and performative cinema of galleries. LAV is a space to think about cinema.

MASTER.LAV is a unique program in its bets and proposals of an experimental nature and in the search to expand the limits of audiovisual language. The Master is articulated through continuous workshops and exercises, to which is added an annual project whose progress is being shared in the classroom. From the practice of trial and error and remembering Baldessari who said that art is born from error and that from them we can reach unusual places and those roads that are not marked.


Becas Máster.LAV