Lens – Escuela de Artes Visuales

P.º de la Esperanza, 5
- Madrid

LENS School of Visual Arts offers photography courses and video courses for all levels. If you are looking for face-to-face training, we have courses in the center of Madrid. If you are far away or for convenience you prefer to learn from home, take a look at our online courses.

Develop your professional career in the field of photographic or film creation with our face-to-face and online masters:

MAP - Master in Photographic Creation: learn to successfully develop your own personal projects and start your career in the field of auteur photography.

FRAME - Master in Film Editing: a master designed to become a professional in film editing. Choose the modality you want: face-to-face or online.

IMAGINA - Online Master in Documentary Film: a 100% online master so you can develop your skills as a documentary filmmaker.

NEXO - Ibero-American Online Master in Independent Film Production: specialize in independent film production and distribution


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