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Linterna Producciones

Linterna Producciones is a film school that was born in 2014 as a result of the illusion of a group of professionals from the audiovisual world to transmit their knowledge of the greatest passion they know: cinema. Currently there are many offers in terms of audiovisual teaching, which leads us to ask ourselves what makes us different?

Classes with a maximum of 10 students. This allows us to give a personalized teaching directed to the needs of our students. At the same time, we try to encourage teamwork between the different groups so that, once the course is finished, our students can create work teams for their future projects.

From the first day our students will work on making their audiovisual works. They will do this using professional equipment and learning its correct handling with workers in the sector. The objective is that our students obtain the necessary experience to be able to carry out their own audiovisual projects.

Linterna Producciones is not only a film school, but also an audiovisual production company.
For this reason, we will have the students of the school to collaborate and learn in authentic professional productions, in addition to signing agreements with other production companies.

We have courses both for those who seek to dedicate themselves professionally to the audiovisual world, and for those who have always loved cinema but hardly have time. Courses for adults and children No previous experience is required. Just hope and win.

Traditionally, film schools have always had a high economic cost. In Lantern Productions no. We believe that cinema should be available to everyone who feels their passion, which is why we have made a great effort to be able to offer the most affordable prices for audiovisual teaching.