Pack Màgic

C/Sant Pere Mitjà, 66, bxs.
- Barcelona

Pack Màgic is a film distributor that focuses on the dissemination of films and other audiovisual resources that stimulate aesthetic sensibility, emotional education and the transmission of social and cultural values. Pack Màgic is an initiative of Drac Màgic, a cooperative that, since 1970, has been dedicated to the study and dissemination of audiovisual culture and its use in various educational, social and cultural activities.

Our distributor includes children’s films aimed at children aged 2 to 12 years. Our catalogue considers the characteristics, the capacities and the sensibilities of children in this age group to stimulate their curiosity, to promote their appreciation of cinema and the enjoyment of going to the cinema from a young age. We distribute films that are committed to cultural and aesthetic diversity, that privilege contemplation and understanding over the dominant aesthetic and narrative violence, without compromising amusement, pleasure and fun.