PNR. Plataforma de Nuevos Realizadores

C/ Abdón Terradas, 3 Planta Baja
- Madrid

Plataforma Nuevos Realizadores (the New Directors Platform / PNR) is a national non-profit association created in 1987 and founded in 1989 by a group of filmmakers and emerging producers, and which has counted among its partners, at the beginning of their film careers, with directors such as Icíar Bollaín, Fernando León, Jaime Rosales, Chema de la Peña, Juan Vicente Córdoba, Manane Rodríguez, Mónica Laguna, Miguel del Arco, Esteban Crespo and a long list of renowned filmmakers.

The PNR was born with the aim of achieving a public space for new filmmakers, for the screening and promotion of their short films, and also serve as a platform for their first long works.

The technical possibilities have changed enormously but, in essence, the difficulties of those who begin their film careers are similar, before more focused on production and today more lacking perhaps at the level of diffusion.

Therefore, it has been establishing collaboration agreements on issues related to the exhibition, regulations and audiovisual
training with public and private entities, such as Filmoteca Española, Cineteca, ICAA, Community of Madrid, Madrid City Council, Academy of Cinema, SGAE and SGAE Foundation, EGEDA, audiovisual associations of the sector, etc.

Our activities include the organization of the Madrid Film Festival ( form more than 3o years, the web History of the Spanish Short Film ( that contains more than 200 short films for the enjoyment of the good short film, and periodic exhibitions of the works of our associates which bring more than 8,000 spectators a year to theaters.

We also collaborate with institutions such as the ICAA for the dissemination of the short film in schools and internationally
with the creation of Shorts From Spain ( and Aulacorto (