7 min.

Año uno

"When you know that the time has come to leave, you begin to appreciate the small details of life, something as simple as breathing fresh air", that goes through Alfonso's head, who knows that he does not have much time left, meanwhile Julia is with him and lets him know that she is not going to leave him alone and will be with him until the end."When it rained my mother didn't take me to school and I stayed at home" Julia thinks as she watches the water fall From the sky Between vineyards, silences and sounds of rain we will discover who these characters are, what their relationship is and what keeps them together.

Direction: Pablo Bautista
Cast: Wada Muñoz, Toño Cuéllar
Script: Pablo Bautista, Wada Muñoz
Cinematography: Rodrigo Gilsanz
Art direction: Irene Cogolludo
Edition: Pablo Bautista
Sound: Manuel Núñez-Requeiro, Humberto Rochette
Music: Óscar Claros
Language: Español
Autonomous Region: castilla_leon, madrid, valencia
Location: Castilla y León
Country: España
Production year: 2021
Genre: Ficción
Duration: 7 min.
Age: No selected
Status: Finalizado


Pablo Bautista

He has directed Heducazión futura (2012), Feliz lunes (2013), Anatomía de un instante (2014), Delirio (2020) and Año uno (2021)


Festival de Cortometrajes Rueda con Rueda (España). Mejor Cortometraje rodado en D.O Rueda

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