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14 min.

Así vendrá la noche

So the night will come

As night falls, Andrea records a message for Pablo, whom she hasn’t seen for months, in the form of a long letter or a 21st century novelette.

Direction: Ángel Santos
Cast: Violeta Gil, Denis Gómez
Script: Pablo García Canga, Ángel Santos
Cinematography: Ivan Castiñeiras
Edition: Marcos Florez
Sound: Xavier Souto
Language: Español
Autonomous Region: galicia
Location: Galicia
Country: España
Production year: 2021
Genre: Ficción
Duration: 14 min.
Age: No selected
Status: Finalizado


Ángel Santos

Santiago de Compostela, La Coruña, 1976. After completing his training in Art History (USC), he moved to Barcelona to study at the Center d'Estudis Cinematográfics de Catalunya. Back in Galicia, in 2008 he presented O cazador, an adaptation of a text by Chejov. His career as a filmmaker continues with the short Sara y Juan (2009), which, like Septiembre (2004), is assigned to the series Los amores jovenes, and with a first foray into the documentary essay, Fantasmas # 1 (2010). That same year he finished his first fiction feature film, Dos fragmentos / Eva, followed by Adolescentes, a more experimental project based on series of filmed portraits. In 2012 he presented Ghosts # 2, a new foray into the diaristic essay. In 2014 he premiered Las Altas Presiones, a second fiction feature film. Between 2005 and 2010 he participated as editor in the digital magazine of film analysis As a teacher, he teaches film workshops within the film pedagogy program in schools and institutes Cinema en Curs / Cine en Course (A bao a qu / CGAI); as well as various seminars and workshops.

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