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21 min.

Blue & Malone: Casos imposibles

Blue & Malone: Impossible Cases

After Blue & Malone: ​Detectives Imaginarios, this is the second short film starring the great heroes of the tiny cases. This time we find the extraordinary Deadultizer, a curious invention of Big Blue Cat, which allows adults to see imaginary beings.

Thanks to this artifact, by the hand of Berta, a TV reporter, emulating the reportage / documentary format, we will know what the life of an imaginary detective is like and we will answer the most disturbing question of all imaginary beings: What would happen if they children will stop imagining?

Direction: Abraham López Guerrero
Production: Emilio Luján Canalejo, Gerardo Álvarez, Pablo de la Chica, Nathalie Martínez, Maxi Valero
Cast: Aura Garrido, Alex O'Dogherty, José Luis García Pérez, Jorge Sanz, Olivia López Marcos
Script: Abraham López Guerrero
Cinematography: Jorge Roig
Art direction: Sara Velázquez, Victoria Paz Álvarez
Edition: Juan Manuel Gamazo
Sound: Fede Álvarez
Music: Miguel Malla
Animation: Abraham López Guerrero
Language: Español
Autonomous Region: madrid
Location: Comunidad de Madrid
Country: España
Production year: 2019
Duration: 21 min.
Age: Todos los públicos
Status: Finalizado


Abraham López Guerrero

Professional with more than twenty years of experience in the world of 3D animation. Trained at the San Antonio de los Baños film school (Cuba) in filmmaking, direction of actors and script. Nominated for the Goya Awards and a member of the Film Academy, he has made commercials for BMW, Adidas and Disney.

His filmography as director, animator and animation supervisor includes the RTVE series Clanners, the Thinklab Media feature film Deep and the short films Blue & Malone: ​​Detectives Imaginarios and Just The Beginning, with more than two hundred selections and 30 awards. He has been creative director in the ESDIP Animation Studio and his latest short film, Blue and Malone: Casos imposibles, has been selected in 50 festivals, three of them qualifying for the Academy Oscars.


3DWire. Segovia (España). Premio Proyecto Corto Movistar-3DWire



Something Wicked Film Festival (EEUU). Mejor Corto de Animación / Animación más innovadora / Bad Ass Mejores Personajes

KIFF (Italia). Mejor Dirección

GALACTICAT. Tárrega (España). Best Animation Short Film

CINEMEGAGUAY – Festival Internacional de Cine Infantil y Juvenil. Roquetas de Mar, Almería (España). Finalista

El Ojo Iluso – Animation Film Festival. San Cristóbal (Venezuela). Mejores Efectos Visuales

ICFF – Indian Cine Film Festival (India). Certificado de Excelencia

Kimera Film Festival (Italia). Mejor Dirección

Certamen de Creación Audiovisual de Cabra (España). Áccesit

Festival Internacional de Cine de Granada (España). Premio Lorca Mejor Dirección de Arte / Premio Lorca Mejor Fotografía

MMFest (Serbia y Montenegro). Primer Premio Infantil y Juvenil

Festival Corto Cortismo de Miguelturra (España). Segundo Premio al Mejor Corto de Animación



Premios Goya (España). Mejor Cortometraje de Animación

Amazing Shorts! Film Festival (España). Mejores Efectos Visuales / Mejor Montaje


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