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9 min.

Bulit escucha a la Naturaleza

Bulit Listens to Nature

Bulit, an 8-year-old boy with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) discovers that Nature can communicate with him. Three daisies ask him for help, because a storm is coming that will devastate the town and its woods. Nobody pays attention to Bulit, except his friends. They devise a plan together and with Bulit?s GREAT GIFT, they come up with a solution

Direction: Mikel Urmeneta, Juanjo Elordi,
Production: Amaya Ariz Argaya, Beñat Beitia
Cast: El Gran Wyoming, Mariló Montero, Raquel Sánchez Silva, Eva Hache, Karra Elejalde, Pablo Carbonell, Mario Navarcorena, Mafalda Carbonell, Martín Alcanda, María Arellano (Voces)
Script: Iñaki Ariztimuño, Mikel Urmeneta
Cinematography: César Leal
Art direction: Mikel Urmeneta
Edition: Beñat Beitia
Sound: Benny Gil
Music: Javier Colina, Manuel Blanco
Language: Español
Subtitles: Inglés, Francés, Alemán, Euskera, Italiano
Autonomous Region: navarra, euskadi
Location: Comunidad de Madrid, Comunidad Foral de Navarra
Country: España
Production year: 2021
Genre: Animación
Duration: 9 min.
Age: Todos los públicos
Status: Finalizado


Mikel Urmeneta

Pamplona, ​​1963. Draftsman, poster artist, muralist, cultural agitator and businessman. He is the founder and creative director of Katuki Saguyaki. He was one of the founders and creative director of the Kukuxumusu drawing factory. He has directed The moon also rises, Testis Xtreme or New York, Ronda, Alcoy, Sanfermines ... and multiple conventional or animated commercials for television and the Internet.


Juanjo Elordi

Vizcaya. He began his career directing music bands for music bands (Platero y tu, Etsaiak, Doctor Deseo, Su ta gar). From there he went on to direct and carry out television programs for children and young people for ETB (Superbat, Betizu, Galdestreet). In 2002 he directed his first animated film, Olentzero, un cuento de Navidad, nominated for the Goya awards, which would be followed by Los Balunis (2004), also nominated for the Goya and Olentzero y el tronco mágico (2005). In 2006 he began a new journey by founding the animation production company Somuga and making a commitment to animated films for adults. As a result of this work, the irreverent comedyLa vuelta al mundo ¡gratis! (2009) and the musical drama Gartxot (2011). Juanjo has also directed documentaries and web series and is currently executive producing several animation projects


Certamen de Cortometrajes Roberto Chiara (Argentina). Mención Especial Estudiantes

Festival Animaevka (Bielorrusia). Best civil-patriotic animated film

FESTIVER – Cine Verde de Barichara (Colombia). Mención de Honor en la Competencia de Cortos Internacional



Production company

La Alegría Muda de Mario Films AIE

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Selected Films Distribution


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