2 min.


A chair show his possibilities contained in its shape. During this playful journey we conceived that imagination can change what we perceive. After all a chair still a chair, but the perception of the object has changed.

Direction: Ludwig Camarillo, Cristal Buemi
Production: Ludwig Camarillo, Cristal Buemi
Script: Ludwig Camarillo, Cristal Buemi
Cinematography: Ludwig Camarillo, Cristal Buemi
Art direction: Ludwig Camarillo, Cristal Buemi
Edition: Cristal Buemi
Sound: Alberto Peña
Music: Alberto Peña
Animation: Ludwig Camarillo, Cristal Buemi
Language: Sin diálogos
Autonomous Region: catalunya
Location: Cataluña
Country: España
Production year: 2016
Duration: 2 min.
Age: No selected
Status: Finalizado


Cristal Buemi

She is a Puerto Rican Canadian Latinx multimedia artist, who holds a BA from Ryerson University and an MA from Bau, Design College of Barcelona. While multidisciplinary by nature, (stop motion animation, video, photography, collage and digital design), her work pushes frame-by-frame boundaries by exploring the materiality and inherent beauty found in the minutia, through a mixed media lens. Both her collaborative and individual work have been exhibited worldwide including its inclusion in The New York City Independent Film Festival, Animac (Spain), Harbourfront Centre’s Pandemic Postcards Series and broadcasted on AMC.


Ludwig Camarillo

Ludwig Camarilo

Mexico. Multidisciplinary artist and Audiovisual producer. Academic with 12 years of teaching experience giving classes and workshops. Master in Graphic Arts in the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland. As a Director, producer and animator, he has two short films selected and awarded at international festivals in Mexico and Canada.


Festival Internacional IndieFilmTo Fest Toronto (Canadá). Premio al Cortometraje Más Innovador

Production company

Uakal Studio
Ludwig Camarillo


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