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9 min.

El infierno y tal

Luz is a submissive woman to her husband. He suffers from delusions that he does not hesitate to share with his neighbors in the presence of his daughter, whom he deeply shames. She considers herself a victim of the Nazi holocaust because on a trip to Eastern Europe she was locked up for a couple of hours in a barracks, while visiting a concentration camp. Fer, her husband, is a surly and mocking man. He runs a bar decorated with calendars of naked girls, hunting trophies and elements inspired by Don Quixote. Immersed in his hostile and ridiculous worldview, he ignores any demands or needs of his daughter. The daughter, unable to become independent from them, lives in hell. Embarrassed by her mother and ignored by her father, she fantasizes about the arrival of the end of the world, predicted for that same year by the Mayans.

Direction: Enrique Buleo
Production: Enrique Buleo, Alejandra Mora
Cast: Marian Gotor, Justo Lozano, Pilar Ponce
Script: Enrique Buleo
Cinematography: Alberto Gutiérrez Díaz.
Art direction: Javier Barra.
Edition: Enrique Buleo
Sound: Juan López, Claudio Serra.
Music: Enrique Buleo
Language: Español
Subtitles: Inglés
Autonomous Region: castilla_la_mancha, valencia
Location: Castilla La Mancha
Country: España
Production year: 2019
Genre: Ficción
Duration: 9 min.
Age: Todos los públicos
Status: Finalizado


Enrique Buleo

Villanueva de la Jara, Cuenca, 1979. He studied Fine Arts in Cuenca and Master of Script at the University of La Laguna. It combines the creation of plastic work with audiovisual pieces. In 2012 he made the short film Sângerete and a couple of years later En defensa propia. In 2016 he directed Decorosa and in 2019 El infierno y tal.


Festival Internacional de Cortometraje de Clermont-Ferrand (Francia). Mención Especial

Production company

Quatre Films Audiovisuales
Alejandra Mora

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