España, Malasia
10 min.

The New World

The new world

This is the story of a man who realized one day that he did not like the world in which he lived and decided to build another one. A new world. His new world. That man was my father, and this is the story of his dream and how my mother and I were carried away with it.

Direction: Gwai Lou, Annabel Tiu
Production: Gwai Lou, Annabel Tiu
Cast: Voz: Ana Pazderski
Script: Gwai Lou
Edition: Gwai Lou
Sound: Gwai Lou
Language: Inglés
Autonomous Region: castilla_leon, extremadura
Location: Estados Unidos
Country: España, Malasia
Production year: 2021
Duration: 10 min.
Age: No selected
Status: Finalizado


Annabel Tiu

Malaysia, 1982. Malaysian filmmaker and musician of mixed ethnicity (indigenous Kadazan and Chinese-Filipino. She has worked on independent films and short films between Spain and Malaysia together with her husband Gwai Lou, mainly as a music producer and / or composer. She currently works in his company Straycats Films along with Gwai Lou and Feisal Azizuddin.


Gwai Lou

David Yañez

Cáceres, 1992.  Growing up in a humble family, he was never able to afford the film schools fees. Instead he bought a video camera on installments and taught himself how to make films. To date he has bought 4 cameras.  Vive y hace cine entre España y Asia. He has directed La película sin título (2004), Jugar según las reglas (2005), El errante (2007), Cuento de invierno (2009), Habitación 303 (2010), En el paraíso (2013),  Retrato de Irina Grecco (2014), Side-B (2014), Muchos pedazos de algo (2014), Ventanas (2016), The girls are alright (2019) y Anomaly (2021)

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