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18 min.

El pas de Sant Joan

Manel (40) is a priest who's just had an accident with his bike and is not sure where he is. He knocks on Conxa's (65) house, who is sick with worry because her husband, Bernat (80), on his death bed for days now, seems keen on not dying on Midsummer, the special "pass" night that will allow him to come back every year. Meanwhile, her grandson, Victor (16), on summer holidays at his grandparent's, is trying to kill himself to get to visit the famous "Beyond". And Elke
(35) and Blai (45) are finally meeting after one year apart and trying hard not to let jealousy and doubt spoil the one night they have to be together.

Direction: Ana Ortiz
Production: David Ciurana
Cast: Francesc Ferrer, Chuss Leiva, Ivana Miño, Marc Martínez, Aida Oset, Max Megías
Script: Ana Ortiz
Cinematography: Maria Codina
Art direction: Evelin Hernández
Edition: Marina Agelet
Sound: Jose Galbis; Albert Guimerà; Albert Manera
Music: Roberto P. Marcos; Javier Gómez Bello (canción)
Language: Catalán
Subtitles: Español, Inglés, Francés
Autonomous Region: andalucia, catalunya
Location: Cataluña
Country: España
Production year: 2020
Genre: Ficción
Duration: 18 min.
Age: Todos los públicos
Status: Finalizado


Ana Ortiz

Malaga, 1975. She studied script in the master directed by Jose Luis Borau at the FIA, Valencia, and participated in some short films as an actress and screenwriter. She later decided to continue his training at ESCAC, in Barcelona, ​​where she studied directing and, subsequently, received a scholarship to pursue the Master's Degree in Feature Film Development.

During her years at ESCAC she works as an assistant director on some projects and directs her first two short films. In the second of them, Rutina, she could count on two interpretation heavyweights: Vicenta Ndongo and Marc Martínez. Currently she is in the development phase of her first feature film as director and screenwriter.


Festival de Cine Iberoamericano de Huelva (España). Mejor Cortometraje / Premio Paralelo del Jurado Joven IES Pablo Neruda

Hrizantema Horror & Fantasy Film Festival (Serbia). Best Director / Best Film Music

Certamen de Cortos de Carabanchel. Madrid (España). 2º Premio

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