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24 min.

El sembrador de estrellas

The Sower of Stars

Distant lights draw the city. Shining ships arrive with sleeping people and the night turns liquid. The stars’ sower wakes them up and they travel through the city, talking about this and that, while saying goodbye to everything.

Direction: Lois Patiño
Cast: Yumiko Teramoto, Tetsuro Mareda (Voces)
Script: Lois Patiño
Cinematography: Lois Patiño
Edition: Lois Patiño
Sound: Xabier Erkizia ; Lois Patiño
Music: Xabier Erkizia
Language: Japonés
Autonomous Region: galicia
Location: Japón
Country: España
Production year: 2022
Duration: 24 min.
Age: No selected
Status: Finalizado


Lois Patiño

Vigo, 1983. Filmmaker and artist living in Madrid. His films and video installations works around the contemplative experience and the relationship between people and landscape. His works has been shown in film festivals as Berlinale, Locarno, Rotterdam,Toronto or NYFF; and at art fairs as ARCO, Paris Photo, Photo London, Unseen or the Aichi Triennale.


Berlinale – Festival Internacional de Cine de Berlín (Alemania). Berlnale Shorts. Candidato a Mejor Cortometraje Europeo de la EFA

MUFF – Mieres Under 60′ Film Festival (España). Sección Internacional. Mejor Director / Mejor Edición

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