España, Países Bajos
10 min.



Irreal is inspired by the distortion of reality that Javier Estupiñán felt while suffering from a migraine. It is a dark journey, yet full of calm and beauty, to a world in which the unreal is deeply intertwined with sensory perceptions.

Direction: Javier Estupiñán
Production: Javier Estupiñán
Script: Javier Estupiñán
Cinematography: Javier Estupiñán
Art direction: Javier Estupiñán
Edition: Javier Estupiñán
Sound: Javier Estupiñán
Music: Javier Estupiñán
Language: Sin diálogos
Autonomous Region: canarias
Location: Holanda
Country: España, Países Bajos
Production year: 2021
Duration: 10 min.
Age: No selected
Status: Finalizado


Javier Estupiñán

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1990. He  is an audiovisual artist with a background in Education and Communication. Nowadays, he is working in Amsterdam mainly as a producer, collaborating in diverse audiovisual and photography projects. He has joined the project Mestura, in which he will edit archive footage from the Filmoteca Canaria and CCA Gran Canaria from a contemporary perspective. Meanwhile, he is developing his own Art Residency, which is supported by the European program i-Portunus Houses. Estupiñán has also worked as a filmmaker, producer, editor and writer in Madrid and Berlin and was selected by the art gallery Yermilov Centre and Kharkiv National University (Ukraine) to be a part of Residents of the Universe, an art project in which he made his short film With Time and Love Knowledge Grows. Irreal is his second short film as a director.

Production company

Javier Estupiñán

Distribution company

Distribution with Glasses
Digital 104 Film Distribution


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