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17 min.

Joc de nens

Game of Children

Marc is a boy who is different from the others. He has just lost his best friend the year he starts university. Immersed in a society of internet, social networks and young people's eagerness to be adults, he decides to question his emotions. He discovers his fears of being an adult and leaving the childhood stage. He is afraid of maturing, unlike the others. With the support of Óscar's memory, in the middle of the city, between tears and laughter, Marc learns to let go, heal old memories and redefine his emotions.

Direction: Rubén Sánchez
Production: Iván Garriga
Cast: Pablo Scapigliati, Marina Pinto, Natalia Bertrán, Dafnis Balduz, Georgina Aragall, Oriol Ramis, Jan Mediavilla, Luis Anyó, Alex Llopis
Script: Rubén Sánchez
Cinematography: Iván Romero
Art direction: Nereis Ferrer
Edition: Isabel Martínez
Sound: Miquel Mestres
Music: Guille Milkyway
Language: Catalán
Subtitles: Inglés, Español
Autonomous Region: catalunya
Location: Cataluña
Country: España
Production year: 2020
Genre: Ficción
Duration: 17 min.
Age: +16
Status: Finalizado


Rubén Sánchez

Novosibirsk, Rusia, 1998. He studied Audiovisual Media and a Master’s degree in Film Directing at ESCAC (Cinema and Audiovisual School of Catalonia). He started making films at the age of 15 in festivals such as Subtravelling. He has done advertising (mostly digital) for the fashion industry and shot several fashion films, and worked for music and documentary festivals. He is currently developing his first feature film and a series. Lamento is his eleventh film as a director, after the medium-length films  POST (2021), El chico del 98 (2021) y Joc de Nens (2020), and short films Génesis (2021), Mujer frente al mar (2021), El vestido rojo (2019), Rosario (2019), Marta tiene un marcapasos (2018), Los Ángeles (2017) y Amaia (2015)

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