España, Portugal
22 min.

Ponto final

Final Point

This movie is an excuse, a cure. The director returns to his parents' house and proposes that they play Marcello Mastroianni and Catherine Deneuve, a couple of actors with whom they had a certain resemblance when they were young. This role-playing game will serve as a pretext to talk about the cancer that both his Mother and Father overcame and the fear of loss.

Direction: Miguel López Beraza
Production: Mireia Graell Vivancos
Cast: Jesús López, Elvira Beraza
Script: Miguel López Beraza
Cinematography: Alberto González Casal
Art direction: Adriana Fernandes
Edition: Pedro Collantes
Sound: Marcus Rovisco ; Lorenzo Mastrocinque
Music: Laura Casaponsa
Language: Español
Autonomous Region: catalunya, madrid
Location: Portugal
Country: España, Portugal
Production year: 2022
Genre: Documental
Duration: 22 min.
Age: No selected
Status: Finalizado


Miguel López Beraza

Madrid, 1984. He studied architecture (UAH Madrid - UGM, Java) and photography (EFTI, Madrid). In 2012 he received a scholarship to take the DocNomads European master's degree in documentary film directing. In 2014 he received a scholarship to complete his training at the EICTV (San Antonio de los Baños Film School, Cuba). His first short film was Walls (2014), which was followed by Jan Peeters (2015), With all our cameras (2016) and Ponto final (2022).


Semana del Corto. Madrid (España). Premio Infinia de Posproducción de Sonido

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