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13 min.

Que el fin del mundo te pille bailando

Mat the End of the World Catch you Dancing

A Street violinist gets ready to play in his usual spot just like he does every day. His clothes are shabby. Hearing the music, a girl stops to listen. She becomes absorbed by the melody and starts to dance. First she moves timidly but gradually she relaxes and abandons herself to the rhythm of the violin; but their enchanting performance hides a broken dream in danger of dying. Now he must play on street corners to make it from day to day. But right here and right now nothing matters except this magical moment. They are living their lives again.

Direction: Josemari Martínez
Cast: Fernando Tejero, Ana del Arco, Fernando Colomo, Verónica Forqué, Alexandra Prokhorova, Marta Solano
Script: Ana Piedra
Cinematography: Marcos de Luelmo
Art direction: Marcelo Renieblas
Edition: Adoración G. Elipe
Sound: Juan Carlos Arribas
Music: Juan Antonio Simarro
Language: Español
Autonomous Region: madrid
Location: Comunidad de Madrid
Country: España
Production year: 2018
Genre: Ficción
Duration: 13 min.
Age: +7
Status: Finalizado


Josemari Martínez

Madrid. He has developed his professional career directing, since its creation, in 2012, Calabaza FILMS, an audiovisual and film production company.

At the head of Calabaza FILMS, he has developed his career as a producer, director and screenwriter.

In 2020, he takes over the independent distributor InOut Distribution, founded in 2013. With his arrival, the work team changes and renews the distributor's service catalog, offering its customers differential services, with great added value, focused on production of short films.

In addition, he is a partner and part of the Board of Directors of the New Filmmakers Platform (PNR), an associate of the Short Film Coordinator, of the ACCIÓN Film Directors Association and founder of the collaborative film platform InOut Filmmakers.

Regarding his training, he has a degree in Economics (Complutense University of Madrid) and has carried out the following film studies: Advanced Direction (ECAM), Film Script (UNED), Script Courses and Actors Direction organized by the SGAE , Script courses and seminars organized by DAMA, two Actors Direction courses with Natalia Mateo.

In addition to film productions, he has made commercials and corporate videos for companies.

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InOut Distribution


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