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España, Portugal
17 min.

The Monkey

The Monkey

In 1588 a shipwrecked member of the Invincible Armada sent by Felipe II from Lisbon to conquer England is captured on a beach. There he is tried, found guilty and hanged until his death. The problem is that the prisoner is a monkey.

Direction: Lorenzo Degl' Innocenti, Xosé Zapata
Production: Nico Matji, Diogo Carvalho, Nuno Beato, Xosé Zapata
Cast: Colm Meaney, Álex Brendemühl, Luis Iglesia, Monti Castiñeiras
Script: Ana Romaris, Xosé Zapata
Art direction: Ricardo Cabral
Edition: Fran X. Rodríguez
Sound: José Alcaine Bartolomé, Blacktone Studio
Music: Manu Riveiro
Animation: Lorenzo Degl' Innocenti (Supervisor)
Language: Gallego, Portugués
Subtitles: Español, Inglés
Autonomous Region: madrid, valencia
Location: Comunidad de Madrid, Extremadura, Comunitat Valenciana
Country: España, Portugal
Production year: 2021
Genre: Animación
Duration: 17 min.
Age: No selected
Status: Finalizado


Lorenzo Degl' Innocenti

Firenze (Italy). Director, Animation Director and Graphic Designer.  He arrives at Portugal in 2001 where he starts his path in the world of animation, tradicional animation and stop motion, and also, in illustration and sculpture.

As an assistant of Nuno Beato, he taught stop motion for 7 year, in the Fine Arts Faculty in Lisbon, and worked as an animator for several animations projects, including the short Cândido of José Pedro Cavalheiro. During his work as an animator, he did also layouts for the shorts of Sapateiro and Presença de Espirito, and others. He directed many videoclips for different Portuguese bands.

Director of the short of stop motion, Desassossego. It was finish in 2010, and there’s a permanent exhibition of it in the Puppet’s Museum in Lisbon.

In 2020 finishes the 2D animation project, The Monkey, produced by Sardinha em Lata and Light Box, being the co-director and the animation director.


Xosé Zapata

Producer, writer and director. He studied economics at the University of A Coruña and early studies of art history at the University of Santiago, also specializes in performing and producing in the School of Image and Sound of A Coruña. He has produced dozens of short films, documentaries and feature films.


Semana del Cortometraje de la Comunidad de Madrid (España). Premio Madrid en Corto



Premios Goya (España). Mejor Cortometraje de Animación

Premios Forqué (España). Finalista Mejor Cortometraje

Skyline – Benidorm Film Festival (España). Mejor Cortometraje de Animación

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