ABYCINE – Festival Internacional de Cine de Albacete

ABYCINE – FESTIVAL Y MERCADO DE CINE INDEPENDIENTE DE ALBACETE has among its fundamental objectives the dissemination and promotion of films and short films of an independent category that, for one reason or another, do not enjoy regular distribution


Del 21 October 2021
al 29 October 2021
Castilla La Mancha
Deadlines: 20 July, 2021
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a. Be produced as of June 1, 2020, except for the works of the ABYCINE INDIE AND MADE IN CASTILLA LA MANCHA sections, which must be produced as of November 1, 2020.

In the case of films participating in ABYCINE INDIE, they must not have been previously presented in Spain in public theaters or premiere and commercial distribution, video or television [except coded broadcasts and / or restricted territorial coverage]. The organization will value your tour of festivals if there is one.

b. They will be screened in the original version with Spanish subtitles, in the event that the language of the film is not Spanish.

c. The public display format in theaters will be in HIGH DEFINITION [DCP] digital format or in any other professional quality digital format that the organization deems.

d. The films will be feature films and short films, fiction or non-fiction. Films whose duration exceeds 60 minutes are considered feature films. Films with a maximum duration of 30 minutes are considered short films. All existing film genres will be accepted.


ABYCINE «Indie» Contest Distribution Award

ABYCINE Short Film Competition Prize – € 2,000

Audience Award ABYCINE Short Film Competition – € 500

Audiovisual AB Competition

  • First Prize – € 200
  • Second Prize Short Institute of Youth CLM -150 €
  • Third Prize AB Audiovisual Contest – € 100

Award «Castilla – La Mancha Television» made in Castilla-La Mancha – € 1,500

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