ALCINE – Festival de Cine de Alcalá de Henares / Comunidad de Madrid

With its 48 years of history, it is one of the most important competitions for national short films in competition. It has constantly sought to expand its cultural and cinematographic offerings. The practice started in 1980 of organizing tributes to foreign filmmakers little known in our country responded to this interest. Starting in 1983, it includes international sections that have focused on short films and animated films produced in the rest of the world, as well as retrospectives of filmmakers or cinematographers who have stood out in this field.


Del 5 November 2021
al 12 November 2021
Alcalá de Henares,
Comunidad de Madrid
Call for entries: 29 April, 2021
Deadlines: 3 September, 2021
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1. The festival is open to short films of majority production (minimum 51%) and / or Spanish direction.

2. Films with an exhibition copy in HD file may be presented to the contest (The supports for the projection are: File containers: .mov or .mkv. File encoding: ProRes 422 and 422 HQ, H264 or AVI / NDXHD) or DCP, carried out after January 1, 2020 and that have not been registered in previous editions of ALCINE.

3. The maximum length of the films will not exceed 60 minutes.

4. The exhibition copy of films not spoken in Spanish must be subtitled in this language.


‘City of Alcalá’ Awards
First Prize: € 7,000 and trophy.
Second Prize: € 3,500 and trophy.
Third Prize: € 2,000 and trophy.

ALCINE is an OSCAR® qualified festival. The First Prize ‘Ciudad de Alcalá’ of the National Short Film Competition, if it is a fiction or animation short, will have the option of participating in the selection of the OSCAR® in its corresponding category.

Higher School of Image and Sound Award (CES) for Best Sound
€ 3,000 in sound post-production services for an upcoming sound editor job.

‘Movistar +’ Award
Movistar + will deliver an award for the best short film, consisting of the purchase of the rights for its broadcast in Spain through the chain.

Audience Award ‘Youth Council of the Hon. City Hall of Alcalá de Henares ’
€ 1,500 and trophy. Awarded by vote of the attending public.

‘Community of Madrid’ Award
Registration in this section is limited to those short films whose production company is fiscally located in the Community of Madrid, for which the documentation certifying this location must be attached together with the registration form (Tax on Economic Activities of the Community of Madrid or any official identification document of the fiscal domicile). In the case of co-production, the participation of the producer based in Madrid must be at least 50%.
Endowment: € 2,500 and trophy.

‘Welab’ Award for Best Photography
1000 euros in rental of audiovisual equipment to make a short film. The award will be awarded to the Director of Photography of the winning short, who will have to enjoy it through a production company within 2 years of delivery.

‘AMA’ (Madrid Audiovisual Association) Award for Best Madrid Production.
Producers with registered office in the Community of Madrid will be eligible for the award. The winning company will be a member of AMA free of charge for one year.

The amount of the ‘Ciudad de Alcalá’ and ‘Comunidad de Madrid’ awards will be shared equally by the producer and the director of the awarded film. Said amount is subject to the withholdings determined by current law. Participation in the ‘Comunidad de Madrid’ Award does not exclude participation in the other awards and trophies.

The winners must submit ID of the producer and director, bank details, documentation proving tax residence, etc., once the awards have been communicated.

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