BIdeOtik – Atendiendo a Otras Narrativas Audiovisuales

BIdeOtik. Using other audio-visual narratives is conceived as a bridge where audiovisual creation and the audience can meet with the following purposes:

– Provide visibility for artistic, cultural, and creative audiovisual creation, as a tool for creation, reflection, and cultural and social transformation.

– To encourage the development of the audiovisual sector by creating a space to showcase local and international audiovisual works.

– To incentivise the dissemination and exhibition of contemporary audiovisual creation.

– To promote the use of new linguistic forms of expression through moving images.

– To consolidate Azkuna Zentroa as the place in Bilbao where the various agents participating in the audiovisual chain of creation can interact.

– There is no element of competition between the selected works, but rather the intention is to promote and disseminate different artistic and experimental practices within the video sector.


Del 2 February 2021
al 30 March 2021
País Vasco
Call for entries: 15 June, 2021
Deadlines: 31 October, 2021
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  • Documentary works created with an aesthetic vision and on the basis of contemporary audiovisual practice. The films should tackle subjects related to personal experiences, biography, trajectories, and life stories, acknowledging the new narratives linked to feminism, diversity, and social awareness.
  • Credit will be given for works premiering in Bilbao.
  • Authors may submit as many works as they like.
  • Institutional or advertising artworks are not allowed.
  • Works in which there is racial discrimination, or that incite violence, or animal cruelty, or domestic abuse, are not allowed.
  • The country of production is immaterial.
  • The technical specifications for artworks submitted in this Call for Entries are as follows:
    Resolution: 1920×1080
    HD Format
    Any digital file, DCP
  • Supply Azkuna Zentroa with the copy to be screened, including subtitles in Spanish and/or Basque, should the film require this.
  • Projects may be submitted through the Festhome platform, or by sending an e-mail to, containing the following information:
    -Title of the work
    -Language of the dialogue (if there is any)
    -Name and brief biography of the director(s)
    -Country of production
    -Date created
    -Contact details: contact person, telephone number, website, e-mail address
    -Place and date of birth of the author(s)
    -Link to view online.The technical specifications of the entries must also contain the following documentation:
    -Three stills (minimum 1200 x 700 pixels) in jpg or png format.
    -A photograph of the director(s) (minimum 800 x 600 pixels) in jpg or png format.
  • Once the Appraisal Committee has selected the project, this fact shall be notified to the selected person, who must confirm acceptance within one week of being notified of the award.In the event the award is accepted within the time allowed, the selected person must then file the following documentation within 10 business days of the said notice:
    -Copy of his/her ID Card (D.N.I.) or passport.
    -Signed declaration that he/she is available on the required dates for the presentation and screening of the work.
  • The assessment criteria are as follows:
    -Technical and artistic quality of the project.
    -Originality and creativity of the project presented.
    -How well the project addresses the context of the space and the aim of this Call for Entries.
    -Contextual relationship with the Azkuna Zentroa project.
  • The authors of the projects selected will receive the following economic compensation per project, covering the rights to and copying of the artwork, presenting the session, and the subsequent colloquium:
    -€100 gross for short films (less than 30 minutes’ duration)
    -€200 gross for medium-length films (between 30 and 60 minutes’ duration)
    -€300 gross for feature films (over 60 minutes’ duration)Authors will be required to attend in person on the day of the screening, and as such will receive an allowance for travel, accommodation, and boars, as follows:
    -€350 gross where the authors have to travel a distance of more than 500 km.
    -€250 gross where the authors have to travel a distance of between 200 and 500 km.
    -€150 gross where the authors have to travel a distance of between 100 and 200 km.
    -€50 gross where the authors are travelling locally (No more than100km).
  • Those persons whose audiovisual artwork is selected to form part of the BIdeOtik. Focussing on other audiovisual narratives programme must:
    -Supply Azkuna Zentroa with the copy to be screened, including subtitles in Spanish and/or Basque, should the film require this.
    -Co-operate with the Azkuna Zentroa communications department, providing all documentation necessary for the centre’s press and media requirements (graphic documents, artist’s biography, synopsis of the artwork) to be used by Azkuna Zentroa for the promotion of the programme across all media outlets.


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