Festival de Cine de Madrid FCM-PNR

It is organized by the New Filmmakers Platform (PNR), a non-profit association founded in 1987 by emerging directors, producers and technicians of Spanish cinema, which has been defending the creation and production of audiovisual works in Spain for more than 30 years. promoting its exhibition in movie theaters and other broadcast channels.

The PNR’s historic commitment to cinematographic and audiovisual production is renewed year after year with the celebration of the FCM-PNR, where the association seeks to fulfill several of its founding objectives:

. Consider the cinematographic work independent of its format, footage, genre or theme.
. Offer windows of exhibition to emerging contemporary cinema in rooms with optimal projections.
. Promote emerging production in Official Sections of Feature Films and Short Films.
. Disseminate the films of the new directors among the public by offering sessions with popular admission, as well as the works produced by the members of the PNR, and organizing open meetings between authors, the public and students.
. It will be valued that the screening of the work is a premiere in Madrid during the FCM-PNR.


Del 30 September 2021
al 10 October 2021
Comunidad de Madrid
Call for entries: 22 March, 2021
Deadlines: 22 May, 2021
Tasas: Hasta 31 mayo 2021: 0 € / Del 1 al 20 de junio 2021: 3€ para cortometrajes


Official Short Film Section:

. Aimed at works of Spanish nationality with official ICAA qualification. Films of a maximum length of 59 minutes will be considered short films.

. Works produced after January 1, 2020 that have not been presented in previous editions of the festival may participate.

. All members whose short films are qualified, from January 1, 2020 to May 15, 2021, will be eligible for this section directly.

PNR Short Film Official Section:

. Exclusively for works made or produced by PNR members, permanent or honorary members, whose short films are not qualified. Or those works that, being qualified, have not entered the OFFICIAL SHORT FILM SECTION due to the sole admission of a work per member.

All PNR partners must register in this section. If your works are qualified, they will be selected directly in the Official Short Film Section. If they are not qualified they will compete directly in this section.

Deaf Cinema Section:

. Participation in this section is open to all filmmakers over 18 years of age.

. Direction, post-production, acting and script interpretation work can be done by deaf or hearing people indistinctly. Only the fiction genre will be accepted. The theme of the short films is free. Short films can participate without the requirement of a production date. Short films must be expressed in the Sign Language of any country. It is mandatory that it contains subtitles in Spanish.

. Its duration will be a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 30.




. Best Short Film. Short Film Official Section: € 600
. Best PNR Partner Short Film. Short Film Official Section: € 400
. PNR mention. PNR Short Film Section + Official Short Film Section: € 200
. Audience Award for Best Short Film. Short Film Official Section + PNR Short Film Section: € 300
Deaf Cinema Award. Awarded by the ASM: € 600


For the Goya the Festival creates two special awards in the OFFICIAL SHORT FILM SECTION according to category:

. PNR SPECIAL PRIZE FOR BEST FICTION SHORT FILM. For the Goya Award for best fiction short.

. PNR SPECIAL PRIZE FOR BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILM. For the Goya Award for best documentary short.


Special Mention Young Jury / Best Screenplay / Best Direction / Best Photography / Best Editing / Best Sound / Best Music / Best Interpretation

The prizes in company services will not at any time be discounts that oblige the winner to pay for new services in these to enjoy those, with the exception of the necessary expenses of transport, insurance and equipment operators, which will not be included in them. And they will be valid for 12 months from the closing day of the Festival.

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