GazteFilm-Fest – Festival de Cine Infantil y Juvenil

This festival’s proposal is starting an innovative collective educational experience where children are active agents of the project through their participation in all phases of the festival.

The program of this festival will be characterized by bringing contemporary youth audiovisual work from around the world that is not exhibited ommercially. It is a unique opportunity to see filmographies from around the world aimed at these audiences. The selection criteria will be cinematographic quality, technical and stylistic eclecticism (animation, documentary and fiction) and thematic diversity, with special emphasis on issues of solidarity and empathy between peoples, the different problems of human rights, violence and migration that are taking place. in the world and therefore, in our increasingly close environment.

The production of this festival is articulated through workshops for children and young people that will be developed in the different phases of the project: the pre-selection of the films, the selection and curation of the programs, communication and graphic design, until the final presentation of the programs to the festival audience.

This is the first film festival in the world with these characteristics where more than 130 young people will be responsible for building it up.


Del 25 November 2021
al 4 December 2021
País Vasco
Call for entries: 14 October, 2020
Deadlines: 31 December, 2021
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  • They accept fiction, animation, documentary and experimental works for children made in the last 2 years (including 2019). We welcome all languages as long as the subtitles and/or transcription of the dialogues in euskera, spanish or english are provided. We do not accept dubbed films.
    This is the first festival in the world ever to have such particularities as the ones explained, where more than 130 children and youngsters will be responsible for the result of it.
  • Different categories to sign up: Short films (animation, fiction, documentary or experimental) Up to 15 minutes.
    -Short films “Txiki” Selection (Addressed to children between 3 and 6 years old)
    -Short films “Infantil” Selection (Addressed to children between 6 and 12 years old)
    -Short films “Juvenil” Selection (Addressed to youngsters of 12 years old and up)
    -Short films made by childrenFeature films (animation, fiction, documentary or experimental)
    -Feature films “Infantil” Selection (Addressed to children between 6 and 12 years old)
    -Feature films “Juvenil” Selection (Addressed to youngsters of 12 years old and up)
  • The films must be sent through the FilmFreeway platform. You will allow the festival to download your film, if they require so, in order to arrange a pre-screener with the children programming.
  • The person responsible of sending the film once it is selected, (author, producer, distributor) compromises to provide a copy of the piece and other materials before the 30th of october.
  • The festival will consider the subtitling or dubbing of dialogues of the non-euskera or spanish films. In order to make it possible, it is necessary to provide the audio files, subtitles (in spanish or english in srt. or similar formats) and dialogues with their correspondent time-codes in english or spanish at the time of registering the films, through the platform or e-mail.
  • The person in charge of sending the film declares to be the author or to be in possession of the rights of the piece.
    Once the film is sent, the consent is given to Gaztefilmfest to use the name, pictures and/or clips of itself in order to promote the festival and its itinerant program.

Best Children’s Short Film (€ 1,000)

Best Youth Short Film (€ 1,000)

Best short film made by children (€ 500)

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