Girona en Moviment

All proceeds from the festival go to the Oncolliga Girona Foundation, to help cancer patients and their families.

The selection of the short films «Movement, creativity and mental health» are based on artistic, technical and script criteria.


Del 14 July 2022
al 17 July 2022
Call for entries: 26 February, 2022
Deadlines: 15 April, 2022
Tasas: 3

1. All those short films programmed or not in other festivals of whatever kind, newly created or not, can participate.

2. Any national or international short film whose theme is the connection between movement, creativity and mental health, whether fiction, animation or documentary, can be submitted.

Theme breakdown:

Dance as a tool for mental health and individual and/or collective well-being during and after the Covid crisis (at a health, economic, social level)

Cooperation between the performing arts, social and health sectors to improve the mental health and well-being of society in general.

Value of the arts, especially dance, in improving the health of people and societies. In short, the artistic and creative movement as a tool to improve the quality of life.

Dance and artistic movement as health care activity.

The art practiced by people suffering from a disease such as cancer or other chronic and/or degenerative diseases. Therapeutic value of the art of movement.

The mental health of dance professionals.

3. Each participant can register more than one short film.

4. The works can be presented in any language. Short films that are not in Catalan will have to be subtitled.

5. The duration of the short films may not exceed 30 minutes.

6. The short films may not have content that disrespects any person, group or entity or that violates the right to honor, privacy, image, or any other right that affects third parties.

7. The organization of the Festival Girona en Moviment declines any legal responsibility in relation to the short films presented at the festival and their content.


Jury Prize for Best Documentary Short Film: €350

Jury Prize for Best Fiction Short Film: €350

Audience Award: gift

Special mentions: without economic endowment

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