MiradasDoc – Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de Guía de Isora

MiradasDoc is an International Documentary Film Festival that focuses on documentary films with a social theme and those produced or shot in developing countries and the third world, as well as those that delve into topics such as north-south relations, emerging social processes in the first world, etc. The festival is structured around three main axes: Festival, market, and training, and each of these axes, in turn, includes a series of events related to reality cinema.


Del 4 March 2022
al 12 March 2022
Guía de Isora,
Tasas: No
  •  The films will be presented in their original version, primarily with subtitles in Spanish and at least with subtitles in English or French.
  • The projection format of the documentary must be in 35mm cinema, or professional video (BetaCam, DigiBeta, and DVCam).
  • Films may be long and short films. Short films are considered to be documentaries that do not exceed 30 minutes in duration.
  • Racist, sexist, and/or xenophobic works will not be admitted.
  • Each author may submit the number of works he/she wishes.
  • Each work may only be submitted to a single category to Competition.
  • Films that are eligible for the International Award only may have previously competed in one Spanish festival.
  • MiradasDoc Award for Best Documentary – € 10,000.
  • Best Documentary Short Film Award – € 6,000.
  • Best First Feature Award – € 4,000.
  • Special Audience Award – € 1,500.
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